Closely-Held Business Owners


As an owner of a closely held business, your personal wealth intertwines with the success of your business. The relationship makes it difficult to separate personal and business assets. Taxes tend to control the decisions on how and when to liquidate. It is also vital to establish a succession plan so you can feel comfortable getting to and through retirement.

At Stone Arch Advisory Group, we specialize in helping you build and execute comprehensive financial plans designed to achieve your business and family goals.

Strategies to Safeguard Your Business To Diversify And Optimize Your Assets

Business owners typically express concerns about how their wealth is tied up in the business and how their cash is underutilized. Having too much of your wealth tied up in the business can leave you and your family susceptible to dramatic, unexpected changes in the market. Excess cash may result in missed opportunities to realize potential returns or further accelerate the business. We prepare you and your family for the unexpected by highlighting and addressing common risks along your journey, such as disability or premature death. And we help you make diversification decisions that help you to retain control over your business while also ensuring your family is protected.

Achieve Liquidity On Your Schedule

When a significant portion of wealth is tied to a business, a comprehensive plan is vital in guiding tax-optimized decisions and liquidity. We help you make confident decisions by road-mapping your personal and business goals and planning for liquidity events. We help you determine how much you need to sell the business for on an after-tax basis to maintain your standard of living. We execute the plan using tax-optimized strategies and review the plan regularly to ensure you are staying on track.

We also help create liquidity outside of the business in a tax efficient manner and help you implement a succession plan to transition the business to future generations.