For an executive at a publicly traded firm, performance-based income such as RSU’s, NSO’s, and ISO’s can create volatile cash flows that add a layer of complexity to your tax situation. We help you feel confident that your wealth is protected and optimize by diversifying your asset allocation when an outsized portion of your stock is tied to your firm’s success.

Asset Repositioning Strategies

Instead of analyzing cash flow for future investments, we analyze your stock to determine how to reposition assets and fund other goals such as education, retirement, and legacy. This allows you to diversify your asset allocation and manage tax impacts. It is vital to evaluate all assets globally rather than looking at accounts separately.

Working Around Concentrated Stock Positions

Planning for assets to work together in a coordinated strategy is key to the long-term success of a financial plan. Concentrated stock positions can come in many forms – whether it’s stock compensation (NSOs/RSUs), equity in a privately-held business, or farmland. Managing your investment accounts around these concentrated assets will help you arrive better positioned. When viewed independently, these investments might look unbalanced, yet when viewed together on a global basis, they work in tandem to provide the most applicable risk/return profile based on your specific risk tolerance.

All investments carry some level of risk. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.